Harmony SPA

Experience zones at the Ösch Spa

Come with us to the seaside at the Harmony SPA and tank up on vitality and freshness. A salt rock wall and a Microsalt system have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and alleviate various allergy problems.
Strengthen your immune system from the inside.

Close your eyes, let your fantasy run free and imagine yourself sitting on the beach next to the sea. A gentle breeze wraps around you, water laps at your feet and your lips taste faintly of salt. A day at the seaside does you good. Our varied relaxation programme invites you to leave the daily grind behind you and regenerate.


A day at the seaside is not only good for the soul, it also works wonders for your respiratory system. This is why we have introduced a Microsalt treatment for you.

 Microsalt SaltProX features an invisible atomisation technology that produces an especially fine, high-quality salt aerosol that spreads through the entire cabin. The purpose of the treatment is to thoroughly clean the airways deep into the pulmonary alveoli and to clean and revitalise the skin. Regular inhalations strength the immune system.

Microsalt and its beneficial effect

Microsalt is especially recommendable for hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, mucoviscidosis and chronic lung disease. Microsalt SaltProX is also ideal for people who suffer from frequent colds or from nasal or frontal sinusitis; it is also beneficial to people with skin diseases, sleep disorders or depression. You can view an extract from the Klafs product description here.