Energy SPA

Experience zones at the Ösch Spa

This experience zone really packs a punch and is guided by the motto “Sweating for Health”. But don’t worry - there is plenty of coolness to go around, too. Cool down in our ice room or under one of the relaxing multi-functional showers - they feature various shower variations that gently massage your skin.

Saunas have a healing effect. They cleanse and warm the body, stimulate blood circulation and alleviate or completely eliminate muscular tension. The foot bath is an integral part of the holistic sauna experience. This is where you prepare your body for the interplay between hot and cold.

Energy SPA

Eventsauna: the 36 sqm sauna with two heaters is ideal for various holistic sauna rituals.

360° sauna: this design highlight is captivating not only because it is fully glazed, but also because it is an architectural masterpiece: the 360° sauna is positioned in the middle of the room and blends perfectly into the experience zone.

Other things you can look forward to:

Infra-red cabin: the infra-red cabin has a positive effect on your body’s self-healing powers and enables a state of deep relaxation.

Steam bath: a boon for body and soul, but all the more so for your respiratory system.

Lean back in the quiet zone. The rule here is: relax and let your mind wander.