Cosmetic products at Öschberghof

All of our product lines are based on natural ingredients and the effect they have on the skin. Sustainability as well as ecological and ethical aspects all play a role in the intrinsic value of each product. We expressly dissociate ourselves from animal trials and the use of preservatives and other substances foreign to the skin. Our skin is one of our major organs and is a symbol of the health and vitality of body and soul. It needs a special amount of care and protection to compensate for external influences. Our cosmetic and therapeutic treatments maintain and strengthen the skin’s protective properties and boost the body’s regenerative powers, all of which are reflected by a clear and radiant complexion.


Amala is an Indo-Germanic term meaning “of utmost purity”. Other words could not better describe this line of cosmetic products. This is no doubt what founder Ute Leube thought as she considered various names for her creations.

Amala is an exquisite cosmetic brand with a focus on the use of 100% natural ingredients. Used in every care product for face and body, these ingredients come exclusively from controlled organic cultivation. The entire plant is used when extracting the raw materials for the various products to ensure they can develop their beneficial effects in full.


Five care series based on skin care requirements have been developed on the basis of the following components:
cocoa been · jasmine · blue lotus · cactus pear · myrtle
The association “True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics” has awarded a seal of quality to the products as Amala’s product palette does not contain synthetic, genetic or chemical preservatives.


Pharmos Natur uses noting but Aloe Vera gel as the basis for its cosmetics and Lebensgesundmittel® (= life health products):

More than 100 natural substances exert a calming influence on the skin and ensure an unusual repair complex. Lebensgesundmittel® products are based on the science of “Salutogenesis” that is devoted to the creation and maintenance of our health.

The term “Lebensgesundmittel®” is characterised by a combination of so-called “healing, rejuvenating and regenerating plants”.


The plants consist of many nutrients and biophotons. They influence your body at various levels: the body’s balance is maintained at a chemical, cellular and systemic level.

Pharmos Natur – Green Luxury products are especially beneficial to sensitive skin.

They moisturise, have a regenerating effect on damaged skin cells and therefore decelerate the ageing process of the skin.


The fourth generation of the Rosel Heim nature+science family company from the Black Forest is meanwhile at work implementing their skin care concept in theory and practice. The result is the most modern yet most conservative institutional cosmetic range of our age. The work conducted by Rosel Heim nature+science is based on the recognition of the skin as one of our most important organs. Nothing in the skin happens by chance – no reaction is without meaning.

As the name says, these products combine nature with science.

Nature – because the cosmetic products are founded on a respect for the natural processes and a knowledge of the rules of nature.

Science – because working on and with the skin in a natural and effective manner is only possible on the basis of the latest scientific insights.


The products are used in a very individual manner as your skin is completely unique. The method of “regulative skin treatment” was developed to guarantee perfect compatibility and maximum efficiency.

nature+science also stands for the company’s selection of raw materials. Only substances whose skin compatibility has been known for generations or that are similar to those produced by the skin itself are used. Every step in the production process is focused on skin compatibility.

PINO - Experts in Therapy

Family company PINO has its roots in the beautiful Black Forest. PINO has produced high-quality health products based on ethereal oils for the European spa bath culture from the very start. They are manufactured on the basis of 100% natural products with a focus on effectiveness and sensitivity.


PINO is the market leader in Germany in the field of products and treatment concepts for physiotherapy – due in part to its certifications and the increasing demand for sustainability among wellness enthusiasts. PINO has also developed an extensive international customer base. Product sales and training events currently take place in 34 countries around the world.

Certifications PINO is an ISO-certified company that produces exclusively in Germany. All of its 100% natural products are medical products.