Fitness equipment from KOMPAN at Öschberghof

Do you feel the need to get a tough physical workout after a long working day?
Our innovative outdoor training system from KOMPAN effectively combines bar-bell training with bodyweight training to improve your fitness in the most effective way.

Fitnessgeräte von Kompan

Step by step für Ihre Balance

Kaum ein anderes Resort in Deutschland kann von sich behaupten, ein Workout zu optimalen Bedingungen anbieten zu können. Im Öschberghof trainieren Sie in freier Natur, ungestört und effektiv.

Outdoor training with Kompan

The steps set at different heights guarantee improvements to the heart and circulatory system and strengthen the muscular system when used regularly. Moving your lower and upper body will sustainably improve your balance and agility quite literally “step by step”. Stepping up and down continuously targets the muscles in your legs.

Multi-Sport Equipment

In addition to using our outdoor fitness area, you also have opportunities to play various team sports such as football, handball and basketball. Other sports such as volleyball and badminton are also possible thanks to a mobile net at the centre of the equipment.